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Company Profile

Essco Ltd. is a young, dynamic IT company which focuses on providing and maintaining a business continuity plan for it's customers (Essco = businEss continuity). By an effective implementation of information technologies we are able to minimize the negative impact which could be caused by an outage of IT infrastructure on the customer's core business.

Nowadays, if a company wants to stay competitive, it simply needs to rely on information technologies in many respects. The use of information technologies can be reflected either in the company's main activity (e.g. electronic banking, manufacturing, accounting, medical documentation etc.) or in the secondary one (e.g.electronic communication, electronic documents). One way or another, even a small outage can disrupt the business continuity that is often considered to be natural. Many times, the reliance on information technologies is realized only when a huge outage occurs. Unfortunately, a huge outage often means a loss in productivity, efficiency or even competitiveness, all of which means already a real financial impact.

Taking into account our target segment, which ranges from small to smaller mid-size companies, Essco Ltd. has developed appropriate internal work processes which make us very flexible towards our customer needs.