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Project Implementation

In spite of company having it's own resources for taking care of some of the IT life-cycle phases (e.g. IT maintenance), company can often feel a lack of own resources for implementing certain technically or financially challenging projects (like a migration of an old IT infrastructure to a new one).

  • benefitAnalysis of IT infrastructure
    Documenting the initial state of IT infrastructure. The goal is to find out major issues which might represent a risk (data loss caused by non-existing/incorrect backups, instability as a result using obsolete software versions)

  • Software audit and management
    License related issues are one of the most hyped topics regarding IT. The first step towards a good license management is a good software and hardware inventory management. We are able to assist you starting with a complete hardware and software inventory and going on with a license audit.

  • Collaborative solutions
    Intranet solution based on Microsoft SharePoint technology, email solutions based on Microsoft Exchange

  • Security
    Antivirus protection, Automatic software updates, Proxy and firewall solution based on Microsoft ISA, Virtual private networks VPN, Access auditing, group policy, PKI

  • Delegation model
    Permissions, user accounts and privileges

  • High availability solutions
    Data backup and restore, Windows clustering, SAN (Storage Area Network), disaster recovery scenarios, database mirroring, UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supplies)

  • Thin clients (SBC)
    Server based computing > Microsoft terminal services, Citrix

  • Virtualization
    Citrix XEN

  • Migrations
    Migration of existing solutions to a new hardware infrastructure. Migration of existing data to new, upgraded solutions.